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Shooting Range System – Integrated POS

Shooting Range Management System – Integrated with a POS

Our shooting range management system is integrated with our point-of-sale system. Our basic design principle is that a shooting range management system should be no more difficult than a marker and a dry erase board! Here’s how it works:

  • At the POS you charge your shooting range fee
  • The name of the customer & and the range (we support multiple ranges in one store) desired, are passed to the integrated shooting range manager
  • The range master assigns the customer to a lane – if no lane is available the customer is wait-listed
  • The range master has a screen to view who is on each lane, how long they’ve been there, the # of shooters, and which lanes should be unoccupied


Other Shooting Range System Features

  • Move a customer from one lane to another without losing track of total time spent
  • Mark a lane unavailable if being used for training or down for maintenance
  • Keep a customer’s credit card on file so that you may automatically charge their card when they need additional ammo
  • Premium members jump to the front of the wait list
  • Lastly, there are visual indicators that let you know when a customer has a rented gun. That helps when it comes time to close the transaction


Our range management system is being used by some of the most progressive, high-end ranges in the United States. It prevents the loss of revenue that occurs when staff put people on a lane who have not paid. With Rapid Gun Systems it is not possible to assign a lane until cash has been collected.

Use the contact button on this page to schedule a demo with one of our range management experts, or call us at 619.754.4100.