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Gun Show POS – Take it With You!

Gun Show POS Features

Take all of your POS capabilities with you on the road when you attend gun shows. It’s the same system – there is nothing new to learn – and you’re able to use all of the selling functions that you normally use in your store. What could be easier?

  • Capture customer names/addresses/emails while at the gun show
  • Track inventory. Your show inventory can be made completely separate from your brick & mortar store’s inventory
  • eBoundBook entries automatically occur as if you were in the store
  • Military & Law Enforcement discounts auto-calculate (if you use these discount types)
  • Look-up inventory on-hand in your store while at the gun show
  • Capture special orders and take deposits for special orders while at the gun show


Gun Show POS Doesn’t Require Internet

No active internet connection required! When your Gun Show system is offline, all transactions are stored. As soon as the system is online again, the transactions will automatically sync with the database in your store.


Hardware Choices for Gun Show POS

Some of our gun stores prefer a full touchscreen POS when they are at a show, others prefer to work on a laptop, and some a tablet. The choice is yours, as our system will run on any of these devices. Hook up a barcode scanner to any of these (even a wireless one) and easily email receipts so you don’t have to drag along a printer.

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