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Overview Gun Store POS – Key Features

Overview of Rapid’s Gun System


Build the world’s best system for gun stores!

Our gun store system is easy to use, full of the features a gun store requires, and it is fully ATF compliant. The entire Rapid Gun Systems team is based in the United States and all team members are well versed in gun store requirements. A former master gunner heads our help desk – and that’s just one indication that we’ve got that unique combination of technology know-how and gun industry expertise.

Do you have manual procedures, paper boundbooks, double-keying of information, and holes in your ability to enforce accountability and tracking of your staff? Our system fixes all of that and more. Here are just a few of our features that gun store owners love:

Fully Integrated eBoundBook

Easy ID Scanning

Shooting Range Management

Gun Rentals

Gun Show Capabilities

Smithing Features

Special Orders

Click on any of the above to learn more.  Better yet, give us a call and speak with one of our experts. We’ll answer your questions and provide a customized demo of our system: 619-754-4100.