RAPID Gun Systems

Gun Smithing Point of Sale

We accommodate the unique needs of a gunsmith in our point-of-sale system. If a gun is to be kept overnight, it needs to be entered into the eBoundbook. We prompt the gunsmith to capture the required information for overnight smithing and make it easy to create the boundbook entry.

Most gun stores require smithing fees to be paid up-front. We accommodate that and allow the gunsmith to enter custom notes and custom prices based upon the specific service being offered to that customer. We’ve made it easy.

When the gun is picked up, we prompt the gunsmith to enter the appropriate information for the disposition in the boundbook (if the gun was kept overnight). If there are additional charges (or if your store only charges customers after the smithing is complete) these may be easily added and collected during the pick-up process.

Other POS systems ignore the gunsmith’s unique needs. We’ve got your gunsmith covered!