RAPID Gun Systems

eBoundBook Integrated with our Gun Store POS

eBoundBook and Point-of-Sale System

Our electronic boundbook is fully integrated with our Point-of-Sale system (eBoundBook). It is fully compliant with ATF Ruling 2016-1 – the most recent ruling governing electronic boundbooks.

You remain accurate and compliant because the system won’t let you complete a transaction until all required information is provided. Best of all, there is no double keying or extra work. Just enter your receipts and sales into the POS system and the boundbook is automatically populated – both acquisitions and dispositions.


Printing Your A&D BoundBook:

You may print out your full boundbook at any time and even save it as a PDF onto a thumb drive. You may also choose to print only the pages that have changed. This allows you to keep a printed boundbook handy and it provides you and your staff a chance to see it in black-and-white.

Firearm BoundBook Searches & Edits:

You can search and filter your boundbook by any attribute – firearm’s serial, model, customer name, zip, date, etc. Use any combination for your search. The printed version contains only those fields that the ATF desires, but your view will be how you original ticket numbers. Using that ticket number will allow you to view the original receipt that was issued, see the history on that ticket, and even re-print it.

Mistakes happen and need to be corrected. Only the staff you authorize may make edits to a boundbook entry, and every single edit results in an audit record being captured, per ATF requirements. Lastly, your investment in our eBoundBook is future proof. We will provide updates when ATF rules change so that you will forever remain compliant.