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Category Archives: Top 5 Gun Store POS Features

eBoundBook Integrated with our Gun Store POS

eBoundBook Our eBoundBook is fully integrated with our Point-of-Sale system. It is fully compliant with ATF Ruling 2016-1 – the most recent ruling governing electronic boundbooks. You remain accurate and compliant because the system won’t let you complete a transaction until all required information is provided. Best of all, there is no double keying or extra work. […]

Holding Periods in a Firearm POS System

Holding Periods Our point-of-sale system helps gun stores manage firearm holding periods (in those states that have them). Deposits during the holding period are managed, and the gun moves from available inventory to committed inventory. The boundbook disposition is written only when the firearm is picked up. It is easy to upsell the customer when they return to […]

Shooting Range System – Integrated POS

Shooting Range Manager Our shooting range management system is integrated with our point-of-sale system. Our basic design principle is that a shooting range management system should be no more difficult than a marker and a dry erase board! Here’s how it works: At the POS you charge your shooting range fee The name of the customer […]

Gun Show POS – Take it With You!

Gun Show POS Features Take all of your POS capabilities with you on the road when you attend gun trade shows. It’s the same system – there is nothing new to learn – and you’re able to use all of the selling functions that you normally use in your store. What could be easier? Capture customer names/addresses/emails while […]

Easy ID Scan Into Your Point-of-Sale System

2-D Driver’s License Scanning Our point-of-sale system for gun stores allows you to scan the barcode on the back of a driver’s license. If the customer already exists, their record is brought up. If not, a customer is automatically, and quickly, created using the name, address, and other information encoded into the ID’s barcode. No more typos! Capture […]