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Customizations for your Gun Store System

Every gun store is unique, so one-size does not fit all. Many times your uniqueness can be accommodated with configuration changes. A configuration change is cheap, easy, and fast. Every now and then a client of ours has a really unique thing they want their system to do. We welcome these requests! Rapid Gun Systems has programmers who will customize our […]

Customer Management – Gun Store POS

Customer Management (CRM) Customer Management (CRM) is easy with Rapid Gun Systems. View a customer’s entire sales history with the click of a button. Set-up a loyalty program that awards the customer points for purchases made. We even cover the multi-gun rule – the form automatically prints out if the customer has purchased more than one short gun or […]

Inventory Management in Gun Store POS

Inventory Management Inventory management is absolutely critical for any gun store – it’s part of having tight controls so that you remain both compliant and profitable. Rapid Gun Systems allows you to manage both firearms at a serial level and other items (e.g. ammo, holsters, etc.) without serial numbers. We handle clothing and other gear that comes […]

US-Based Tech Support – Firearm POS

US-Based Tech Support Our gun store owners rest easy knowing that they have world-class technical support that is only a phone call away. Our technical staff are all US-based, so there are no frustrating calls to a call center based in a foreign country.   Gun-Knowledgeable Tech Support Nothing is more frustrating than having to explain […]

Selling Features in our Gun POS System

Rapid Gun Systems has everything a firearm retailer needs to be successful. Customers are tracked (including boundbook information), cash drawers are carefully managed with easy end-of-day reconciliations, and gift cards are managed wholly in the system (no 3rd-party fees). It is common for gun store customers to pay a bit in cash and a bit on […]