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e4473 Rapid Gun Systems has a fully integrated electronic 4473 (we call it an e4473). Your customers may complete their 4473 on their phone, a tablet, or any computer/kiosk in your store. Gone are the days when you must transcribe from an 4473 into your boundbook. These are now automatically and electronically fed into Rapid Gun Systems Integrated […]

Avoid Problems with ATF

Avoid Problems with the ATF The 2016 stats from the ATF show that only 45.8% of FFLs had no violations reported in 2016. See the full report here: https://www.atf.gov/resource-center/fact-sheet/fact-sheet-facts-and-figures-fiscal-year-2016 Now is the time to get serious about ATF compliance. The #2 reason for a violation is “Failure to Timely Record Info into Bound Book”. We […]

Firearm Private Party Tranfers

Private Party Transfer of Guns in Rapid Gun Systems California, Colorado, Delaware, New York and other states require all private party transfers to be processed through an FFL. Most POS systems with an Integrated BoundBook don’t handle this very smoothly. Our POS solution does! The Details Record the acquisition in POS. The acquisition will appear […]

Special Order Management – Gun POS System

Special Orders Special Orders are commonplace at a gun store and our POS System makes managing a special order easy. Set a deposit policy for special orders (e.g. 50% down, 100% down, etc.) and effectively manage those deposits. Display photos of items that you have available for special order for verification with the customer. Rapid Gun Systems will […]

Email Marketing for Gun Stores

Email Marketing Rapid Gun Systems has a fully integrated email marketing capability. It is built on top of your retail data, which allows you to harness the information so that you can send VERY targeted email. Everyone hates receiving SPAM. Smart, highly targeted email doesn’t feel like spam. Here are some examples of successful email promotions some of our […]

Gun Rentals POS

Firearm and Gun Rentals Every shooting range should offer a variety of models as rentals. Rapid Gun Systems makes managing your gun rentals easy. Tap a button to add the rental and it is charged to the ticket. Our system will track the number of rounds that have been fired over the rental’s lifetime, as well as the […]

Consignment Guns in our POS System

Consignment Guns are easy with Rapid Gun Systems. Here’s an overview of how consignment guns work in our POS system: Consignment Gun Acquisition. When you acquire consignment guns, there are three things that automatically occur: (1) the acquisition record for the boundbook is automatically recorded; (2) the retail price is set; and (3) the price you agree to pay the […]

Gun Trade-In and Buy-Backs in your POS System

Firearm Trade-In or Buy-Back Trade-in and buy-backs are a complex transaction and most POS systems don’t treat it right. Don’t worry. Rapid Gun Systems has you covered. We handle all of the following: There is a boundbook acquisition that occurs and the system tracks the cost paid, so that you have proper margin reporting when a gun […]

Gun Smithing Point of Sale

Gun Smithing We accommodate the unique needs of gun smithing in our point-of-sale system. If a gun is to be kept overnight, it needs to be entered into the eBoundbook. We prompt the gunsmith to capture the required information for overnight smithing and make it easy to create the boundbook entry. Most gun stores require smithing fees […]