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Now Available – GunBroker.com Integration!

You can now easily manage online sales of firearms and accessories on GunBroker.com from within Rapid Gun Systems. No more double entering data and no more manual inventory counting. You’ll save time AND you’ll stay ATF compliant.

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Point-Of-Sale features:


Rapid Gun Systems offers turn-key solutions to gun retailers nationwide. We provide gun-industry specific point-of-sale (POS) software, POS hardware, installation, training and support. Our features are second to none. Whether you are a single location, or have grown to dozens of locations, we can help you. Our clients become more efficient, accurate, compliant, profitable, and enjoy the security of knowing a strong team of professionals stand behind the software that runs their business.


Overview Gun Store POS – Key Features


Build the world’s best system for gun stores!

Our gun store system is easy to use, full of the features a gun store requires, and it is fully ATF compliant. The entire Rapid Gun Systems team is based in the United

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Our eBoundBook is fully integrated with our Point-of-Sale system. It is fully compliant with ATF Ruling 2016-1 – the most recent ruling governing electronic boundbooks.

You remain accurate and compliant because the system won’t let you complete a transaction until all required information is provided. Best of all, there is no double keying or extra work. Just Read more

Shooting Range Manager

Our shooting range management system is integrated with our point-of-sale system. Our basic design principle is that a shooting range management system should be no more difficult than a marker and a dry erase board! Here’s how it works:

  • At the POS you charge your shooting range

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Gun Smithing

We accommodate the unique needs of gun smithing in our point-of-sale system. If a gun is to be kept overnight, it needs to be entered into the eBoundbook. We prompt the gunsmith to capture the required information for overnight smithing and make it easy to create the boundbook entry.

Most gun stores require smithing fees to be paid up-front. We accommodate that and allow the gunsmith to enter custom notes and custom prices based upon the specific service being offered to that Read more

Gun Show POS Features

Take all of your POS capabilities with you on the road when you attend gun trade shows. It’s the same system – there is nothing new to learn – and you’re able to use all of the selling functions that you normally use in your store. What could be easier?

  • Capture customer

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2-D Driver’s License Scanning

Our point-of-sale system for gun stores allows you to scan the barcode on the back of a driver’s license. If the customer already exists, their record is brought up. If not, a customer is automatically, and quickly, created using the name, address, and other information encoded into the ID’s barcode. No more typos! Capture all this information in the blink of an eye by simply scanning. The information captured feeds Read more


Gun Shop Counterpoint POS System

…and this is only the beginning.
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Our Team


“Rapid Gun Systems core purpose is to help our gun store clients become more successful through the smart use of the technology solutions we provide.”

– Bart McCleskey, President

“As a Marine Reservist, I’m excited to be part of the Rapid Gun Systems team helping our gun store clients run successful firearm businesses.”

– Chris Thompson, Help Desk Director
U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve

Meet The Team

  • Installation Team

    Our installation team is fast and efficient, whether working on-site or remotely.

  • Technical Support

    Our technical support department is based in the United States, which means no foreign call centers or lengthy hold times. When your business is open, so is our help desk.

  • Project Managers

    Our project managers keep your installation on time and on budget.

  • Programmers

    Our programmers customize solutions to fit your store like a glove.

  • Education Department

    Our education department trains you to use the system effectively with one-on-one coaching combined with self-paced video training.

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  • Kentucky Gun Company logo - Rapid Gun Systems

    We switched from Celerant and we are never going back! Rapid has streamlined our processes! The ease of use for gun sales makes this a no-brainer for any FFL. It has simplified our tasks from receiving all the way to disposition.”

    Kentucky Gun Company
  • GunsOfTexas-logo

    “We looked at a number of different solutions for our gun store and found that Rapid Gun Systems is the most comprehensive. We especially like their ability to handle special orders, as we take a ton of special orders from our customers and really like the way Rapid’s system manages our customer’s prepayments. We just opened our second store and it, of course, is using Rapid Gun Systems too.”

    Guns of Texas
  • WilshireGun-Logo-sml

    “Wilshire Gun is Oklahoma’s Premier Indoor Shooting Facility. We chose Rapid Gun Systems because they had a fully integrated shooting range management module that easily handles our 4 different ranges, in addition to all the retail capabilities we required. Most importantly, Rapid was able to customize their gun system so that we can scan our customers’ IDs anytime they enjoy an alcoholic beverage in our on-premise club. A verification scan is then made prior to allowing any customer onto the range. Rapid Gun Systems was the only POS solution who could create this critical customization for us and we recommend them without reservation.”

    Wilshire Gun
  • GunsmokeTradingPost-Logo-470px

    “Our goal when we opened Gunsmoke Trading Post was to be among the very best gun shops in the northeast of the United States. We’ve got a great selection, the most knowledgeable staff, and a point-of-sale system that works really well for our store. One of the key reasons we chose Rapid Gun Systems is because they are able to make customizations to suit the exact way we do business. For example, we devised a pretty unique way to handle sales commissions and Rapid created a report that makes this easy. Choosing Rapid Gun Systems was a great decision – and we know they’ll be there as our business evolves and has new needs.”

    Gunsmoke Trading Post
  • BuffaloTrading-Logo-470px


    “The Buffalo Trading Company chose Rapid Gun Systems because these guys are really focused on customer service. We got a lot of one-on-one attention when we first installed the system, and this allowed us to get up and running quickly. We’re sure we have the right system for our store.”

    The Buffalo Trading Company

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